Booby on solar panel
Booby on spinnaker pole
Crispy flying fish found on deck
This fish is a little too big for dinner
Claire watching a squall
Sea lion baby in Puerto Banquerizo Moreno
Family at El Junco crater lake
Alex and Claire with a giant tortoise
Tortoises eating lunch

Karen and iguana
Marine iguana
Claire and Alex with sea lion pup
Barge which caused all the boats to re anchor
Kids from Fafner and Aldora at Leon Dormido
Kids on beach at Cerro Brujo
Frigate bird hill
Downtown Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Sea lions in panga, Wreck Bay
Stone path to Tortuga Bay
Salt pond near Las Grietas

Claire and Alex in lava tube
Fog in the Santa Cruz anchorage
Claire at the top of Media Luna on Santa Cruz
View from the top of Media Luna
People, sea lions and pelicans looking for fish