Adventure Bear Log - Greece
Rhodes, Greece, May 2008

Our first stop in Greece was the island of Rhodes. I got to see a real castle and meet some real castle people. This man had the second best job in the world, he sold meat. The best job in the world would involve fish. After thinking about meat and fish I really wanted some to eat. I think I was a bit too persistant, the captain found a place for me to wait until I could talk about something other than fish or eating.

Serifos, Greece, June 2008

Another stop was the island of Serifos. We got to do some big hikes. We climbed to the top of a huge hill with a city on top. I found a letter 'A' painted on a rock on the path. I am sure that means the path was just for me, Adventure Bear!

Peloponnese, Greece, June - July, 2008 (Navplion, Athens, Mykinos, Olympia , Monemvasia & Gythio)

After island hopping we made it to the mainland. The lower part of Greece is called the Peloponnese. Visitors arrived on the boat in the Peloponnese. I was happy because now I had Junior Crew to supervise. It was important for me to watch them carefully in the galley. We take food seriously.

There are lots of old things to see in the Peloponnese. I think we visited all of them. I had a guidebook . I could tell everyone all about all the sites.
We climbed up 910 steps to a fort on top of a hill. I was impressed by the slits in the walls for the guys to shoot arrows through. And look how big their cannonballs were, as big as me! The junior crew pointed out the way to the fort's prison. My supervising of the junior crew are only gentle reminders to make sure they know what to do. I'm trying to be helpful. I got to see some old buildings too. I saw a great view from the walls in Mykinos and I saw the famous Parthenon in Athens.
After all that touring we needed an ice cream break. And you know, you can do sightseeing in a parking lot. I found a fancy car, but I'm not sure it is ancient or even Greek.
On the island of Kythera we found a cave to explore. Bears like caves. I felt right at home.
Now this was completely uncalled for. The junior junior crew tried to say that this was a chance for me to understand more about the cannonballs I was admiring in the fort, but I didn't believe him.
In the end, I was sad to see the Junior Crew leave. Now I'm waiting for more guests.