Adventure Bear Log - Indian Ocean
Male', Maldives March, 2008

After leaving Thailand, we had a pleasant passage to the Maldives. I had lots of nautical things to do, like watching for dolphins and fishing boats. It was good to get to the Maldives and relax. I think my favorite place was the Seagull Restaurant that had an entire menu for ice cream. My sundae was almost as big as me, but I finished the whole thing!

Passage to Yemen March, 2008

We celebrated Easter on our way across the Indian Ocean. We had eggs and candy, but that wasn't enough for the crew. No. They decided that SOMEONE needed to dress up like the Easter Bunny.

Claire hasn't had much luck catching fish, so I thought I'd help her. I've got a lure, now all I need to do is put it out on a line.
We're halfway around the world!! We had a party with cake. Alex is a good baker. I'm a good Cake Inspector & Official Taster. I make sure the treats are good enough for the crew. I made sure everyone got a big piece, and then I could kick back and relax with a cold drink.