Adventure Bear Log - Mediterranean
Siracusa, Sicily, July 2008

In Siracusa we visited a Greek theater. I'm not sure what a Greek theater is doing in Sicily, but it was interesting to see. We also saw a Roman arena, too bad there weren't any lions. Also there was a suggestions box. I was pleased that someone wanted to know my opinion. I said that they should have more fish and more blackberry bushes.

Isola Volcano, July 2008

We hiked to the top of a crater. At the top there were lots of sulfur deposits. We had to wear gas masks because of the toxic fumes.

Vatican City, Rome, July 2008

I liked Vatican City. We went on a guided tour that took us through the Vatican Museum, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Sistine Chappel. Our tour guide was very friendly. She told us about the Trevi Fountain. They say that if you throw a coin over your shoulder and into the fountain, then you will come back to Rome some day. I threw a coin so I'll be back eventually.

Sardegna, Italy, August 2008

We didn't do much in Sardegna. There was only a small town, but the water was clear. I did a bit of fishing. We also played rummy cubes. My partner and I won. He was a really good partner, even if he did like to sit on my head.

Corsica, France, August 2008

We anchored in Ajaccio, but we took a train to Corte to go hiking. It was beautiful. There were rocks and trees and grass and waterfalls. I loved it. The town of Corte was big. It just kept going up. At the top there was a lovely view.

Barcelona, Spain, August 2008

In Barcelona we saw the Sagrada Famillia church. It was designed by Gaudi. The building wasn't finished yet, but Gaudi left all the plans so it will eventually be done as he wanted. It was a BIG building. After we saw the Sagrada Famillia, I wanted to borrow a bicycle, but we walked to an Irish pub to get some drinks. They had a funny sign on the wall.

Prime Meridian, August 2008

When we crossed the Prime Meridian we celebrated with a pie. I can't believe that we have traveled so far.

Almerimar, Spain, August 2008

We did a lot of work in Almerimar. We took the boat out of the water and re-painted the bottom. I helped. We also sold our paddle boat. I was sad to see it go. I got to take one last ride in it. I also found a very funny vending machine. I went to get a soda, but the vending machine had bait. I was suprised, but it was even better than soda.

Gibraltar, September 2008

Gibraltar was really cool. We got to go into the Great Siege Tunnels, and the World War II Tunnels. I had to wear a hard hat. I also found a phone box, so I called my mother.