Adventure Bear Log - Middle East
Gulf of Aden April, 2008

Two important events happened on our way across the Gulf of Aden. First, Alex turned 13 so I put on party attire. And then, ... and then, ... WE CAUGHT A REALLY BIG FISH!!! I'm happy for Alex, but catching the really big fish was wonderful. We haven't had fresh fish in too long. I got right in and helped.

Yemen April, 2008

We stopped at the Hanish Islands for a birthday party. While we were there I got a chance to play on the beach with some new canine friends, Dudu and Nataly. Dudu is just my size. Nataly and I discussed fishing. It turns out one of her favorite things to do is try to catch fish in the surf.

Egypt, May 2008

I got to see a lot in Egypt. One day we went to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The museum had many mummies. I saw things from King Tut's tomb, but King Tut's mummy is somewhere else. I couldn't take any pictures inside with the mummies, so I took pictures outside with some statues. The oracles had their own special boxes. I learned that people would come and ask oracles questions. Since I'm pretty good at answering questions I spent some time in an oracle box. When the captain asked me where we should have lunch I told him to go to Pizza Hut. And we did.

We stopped at a place that made papyrus. I was curious, so I asked the nice young man from the sailboat Bravo to explain it to me. He did a great job, and he also told me he could get me a good deal on some papyrus paintings.
I got to ride a camel around the pyramids. What a great way to travel! Camels are not too fast and they are friendly. I was impressed by the pyramids. We saw about 12 of them. Here I am on a look out near one of them. The best pyramids were the big ones. They were very, very, very big. But not so big that I couldn't sit on one. Do you believe me?