Adventure Bear Log - North Pacific
Hilo, Hawaii, USA May - June, 2009
On the way to Hawaii we crossed the Equator one more time. I remembered that King Neptune is impressed by sailors who dress up or wear funny hats as they cross the Equator, so I made sure I had several on hand. I certainly didn't want anyone who is friendly with sharks and whales upset with me. In the end I decided to wear the flower. I think it goes well with my outfit.
When we got to shore there were lots of chores to do. While the crew was busy working on the boat I decided to help out by taking the clothes to the laundromat. I picked up the mail too. There was a postcard just for me!
When the chores were done we went exploring. First we headed to the Volcano National Park. We went on hikes and walked out to a crater. Lava was flowing under the ground and sometimes we could see steam coming out of parts of the craters. I didn't mind the lava-steam so much because I had the crew for company. We explored a lava tube too. A lava tube is a tunnel that was made a long time ago when lava flowed under the ground. After all the hiking I was glad to find a handy fern to use like a hammock.
We traveled all around the island finding great places to stop and look at things. I especially liked this waterfall. It was beautiful. We stopped at another one, but imagine, it was out of water. And I made sure the crew saw this sign. I think as a bear on a boat I qualify as a Marine Mammal.
King Kamehameha was a great king and Hawaii is very proud of him. We were in time to celebrate his birthday at an all-day party.
Before we left Hawaii we went to the grocery store and bought lots of food because the trip back to the West Coast was a long one. Mrs. Captain bought a box of Cheerios. I mention this because it had a cool mask on the box. I cut it out and put it on. I wanted to be ready in case King Neptune came to check on our outfits. Ggggrrrrr! What do you think?
Seattle Area, Washington, USA July 2009
We arrived in Washington on the 4th of July!! The trip took 21 days of sailing. We had a welcoming committee of friends and family that came out in their sailboat to meet us and guide us in. It was great. We had a party right there on the boats. As you can see berries are always a party food.
As a sailor I learned the importance of keeping a careful watch. I decided to practice even while we were on shore.
While we were at a friend's house I discovered that they had some masks too. I couldn't decide which one to wear, so I wore both.
We picked up a new crew member in Anacortes. Dragons seem to be attracted to our boat. I made sure he felt welcome and learned the ropes.
San Francisco Bay, California USA July 2009

We sailed back into the San Francisco Bay on July 18. We had a BIG party with lots of friends and family. We had berries and ice cream.

It is great to be home, but the house needed some work before we could move back in. The Captain loaned me his tools so I could help too.

All of our hard work has paid off and the house looks good. Here I am relaxing in the back yard planning my next adventure. I wonder if the pink guy has any ideas.