Adventure Bear Log - South Pacific 2
Robinson Crusoe Island, February 2009
I'm happy to be back in an ocean I know and love, The Pacific! Our first stop was on Robinson Crusoe Island. A famous author wrote a book about a man who lived all alone here. I haven't had a chance to read it myself. We sailed for days to get here and I was glad to get a chance to go for a hike after we arrived. I found interesting plants on the hike. Some were to look at, some were to lounge in and even some were to eat. I can see how the man survived here.
One day on the way to Easter Island it was very calm so the rest of the crew went swimming. I didn't want to get salt water in my fur, so I made cookies for St. Patrick's Day instead. The cookies were green!
Easter Island, March 2009
Our second Pacific stop was at Easter Island. It took us 18 days to sail here. I was really really happy to go exploring on shore after that trip. The Captain rented a car and we went lookng for the famous statues. We found our first one right at the harbor. And the Captain found a cave. He said I could move right in. It looked a little drafty, so I'm staying with the captain and the crew on the boat.
We drove to the top of a volcano. Right next to the edge we found an old village. I looked around at the buildings and then I looked around and found some nice rangers. We liked each other and became friends. I got a shell to wear around my ankle for luck and one of the ladies took a stick out of her hair and gave it to me to use as a sword. Then they let me borrow their boots and their megaphone. I could be a ranger too.
Easter Island is famous for its big statues, the moai. The Captain took us to the place where the moai were made. We saw hundreds of the statues all over the ground. Here I am between two serious looking ones, can you tell which one is me?
Mangareva Island, Gambiers April 2009
It seems like every time we arrive somewhere the crew rushes out and finds ice cream. Personally I would look for fish or berries first, but ice cream is pretty good too.
We did some hiking on this island. I got to a great lookout point. I could see all the boats and I could see both sides of the island.
We had a happy Easter at Rikitea. The Easter Bunny brought us jellybeans but didn't stay long. The crew made me dress up like a bunny so they could pretend the Easter Bunny was still on board. The things I do for this crew...
Hanavave, Fatu Hiva April 2009
After the Gambiers we sailed to the Marquesas. Our first stop was at an island Called Fatu Hiva. We didn't visit this island the last time we were here, so I had lots of new things to explore. The Captain decided a hike to see a waterfall was a good way to stretch his legs. I agreed with him and I went too. The waterfall was huge! There were other boats and crews here and one night all of us went to dinner at Serge and Kati's house. Kati is a great cook. Here I am with my big plate of food. And look, there's fish! Oops, it's gone, I ate it already. It was delicious.
Taiohae, Nuku Hiva April 2009
Yippe and Yahoo, now we've sailed around the whole world!!! We are very proud of ourselves and we are celebrating every chance we get. This time I was right there for the ice cream. And I am happy to find that the pineapples are as good as I remember.
I found a new sailor friend here who shares my love of a good board game. We made a great Clue team.
Before we left the Marquesas and the South Pacific I had to climb a tree one last time. I enjoyed the lovely flowers and view from up high. Then I was ready for the passage to Hawaii. USA, here we come!