Adventure Bear Log - Baja Mexico
La Paz November 18, 2006 - November 27, 2006

Cabo was fun but I wanted to keep going. We left Cabo San Lucas on Nov.13 and sailed North in the Gulf of California to La Paz. On Nov.18 we arrived safely in La Paz and anchored. Then we went into town and I shared ice cream with a fellow sailor. His boat is the Sea Breeze.

Baja Ha-Ha Oct. 30-Nov. 11, 2006

I knew that the Baja Ha-Ha was a big rally, but not that big! Look at how many boats are still behind us at the start!

The Baja Ha-Ha is a race from San Diego, CA, down the coast of Baja, to Cabo San Lucas. There were stops in Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria. At these places there beach parties and look what I got in Turtle Bay! Isn't it cool?
I have some very good news. On the way from Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria, I finally caught a fish! I was very excited. Unfortunately, I did not bring the cook book from Morro Bay, so I had to think of some thing else, SASHIMI! It tasted good. I look forward to catching more fish.
The Baja Ha-Ha ended on Nov.11, and there was an awards ceremony. At the ceremony, we received the first place ribbon for our division, and we also got a special award for sailing the entire way. Now I am a successful racer!