Adventure Bear Log - California
San Diego Oct. 12- Oct.30, 2006

Apparently, this is what other bears do in San Diego, but not me.

This other guy seemed just as upset as I was about their laziness. So, I went and did things.
First, I met a couple of friendly police officers who also like sailing. Officer Andrew even has his own boat.
Then I decided to explore San Diego. There are all kinds of things there. I saw a mosaic fountain and a Japanese friendship bell on Shelter Island. I could not believe that they would not let me ring it.
After that I went to look at some interesting statues. These are the ones that I like best.
Then I checked out the pirate ships. Look at the size of those cannons. I tried, but the captain would not let them on our boat. Oh well. Sigh

There's lots to do here on Catalina Island. One of the things I wanted to do was to play volleyball. You can see I had a geat team, but you should have seen who we played against! The ball was really big, almost as big as me. Eventually I got it over the net.


Catalina Island has some great hiking trails and an interesting harbor.

My big friend here didn't have any fish to share. I don't think his nest is very comfy either. I like my bunk on the boat.

I hiked to the top of the island. Whew, was I tired. Lucky I had some chocolate with me. On the way up a nice lady selling brownies and lemonade ofered me a place to stay. But I declined. There is still so much to see and do.


My first few days at sea were wonderful. I saw not one not two but 5 whales! They look so beautiful when they jump from the water!

Also I saw several sea lions. One came up right next to the boat!

I am now in Morro Bay. In Morro Bay there is a huge rock. The rock is named Morro Rock.

While in Morro Bay, I found the most wonderful cookbook at a friend's house. The FISH and vegetable cookbook! I never knew there were so many ways to cook salmon.

In the beginning
At first all I did was work and I got pretty tired
Then I made a few friends'
and they showed me all the cool stuff that I could do, like kayaking. I think I'm going to like it here.