Adventure Bear Log - French Polynesia
Huahine July 2007

After Tahiti we went to Huahine. There was a small pearl farm there. They showed us how they got the pearl out of the oysters and how the pearls were formed. It was very interesting. You could go swimming there with the fish, but there was no life guard so I didn’t go.

Tahiti June 2007

Tahiti is the “big” island with the only big city in all of French Polynesia. There is a McDonalds not to far from where we anchored. We went to McDonalds to celebrate Molly and Jessie’s birthday. We ate ice cream and then climbed a tree. It was fun. Another day we went to a Polynesian museum. The museum had a very big anchor out front. We went to the big boat store in down town Papeete it had lots of things that we needed. I also saw the biggest dinghy ever. It was 18 ft. long and 6 ft. wide. I wanted to get it but the captain said no. Oh, well. I got a wet suit. It doesn’t fit very well but it was the smallest size they had.

Tuamotus May

The Tuamotus are atolls. Atolls are islands. They are covered in coral heads. We had to go around the coral heads. Claire was up high looking for coral heads and she told us where they were. We used radios to communicate. The islands were very beautiful. There were many coconut trees. The hermit crabs liked the coconut trees too. They also liked me.

Nuku Hiva April 2007

As soon as we got to Nuku Hiva we did the important things, like finding ice cream and doing the laundry. I helped. We found a memorial dedicated to Herman Melville, the author of the book Typee, and his ship mate Tobias Green. Melville and Green ran away from their ship and lived on the island of Nuku Hiva. They found a group of friendly natives who took care of them. I enjoyed the book. There was a morning market on Saturday. It started at 4 a.m. I was tired, but they had fish so it was all worth it. Look at the one I found. On Saturday nights we made sushi. It tasted really good.