Adventure Bear Log - Mainland Mexico
Las Hadas, Manzanillo February 2007

Look at me! Captain of a ship. My trusty crew sailed me around the anchorage. We had some trouble since the wind swirled around the anchorage, but my crew never flipped our small vessel.

Sayulita January 2007

This is a place to surf Mexico. Hang ten, dude. This is about as close to surfing as I'm going to get. The waves looked a little big for me, but others in our group decided to give it a try.

Puerto Vallarta January 2007

I enjoyed walking around old town and the malecon. I'm not sure what this guy was saying, but it seemed important. Before we left Puerto Vallarta the boat needed some work. Here I am inspecting the propeller. The zinc looks good and tight.

Banderas Bay December 6, 2006 to January 4, 2007

On the way from San Blas South we made a few stops, but we decided to stay in Bandaras Bay. There were many places to choose from like Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, but we decided to anchor in La Cruz. We went to Puerto Vallarta to have dinner with some friends. First we went to go see my good friends on Liberty. After we got them we hooked up with our friends from Lady Hawke and their dog, Bear. That names only a few of us but there were 15 sailors, one dog and one bear in all. Wouldn't that be two bears?

For the holidays two of the captain's relatives showed up. I had to share my bunk. I liked these relatives, they liked adventure. First we took the boat out to the Tres Mariettas and went snorkeling. I saw a few small fish but they were really fast. My favorite trip was the canopy tour. We rode a series of 13 zip lines through the jungle canopy, number ten was my favorite. At the end there were all kinds of animals. They had a Burmese python, a deer, monkeys, lemurs, an iguana, and a pair of toucans. The guides were really fun.

San Blas November 30, 2006

After the comforts of La Paz it was hard to leave, but on Nov. 27 we started going again. This time we headed for the mainland. We found a cozy little anchorage in San Blas. After several days out at sea we were ready for an adventure. We decided to go on a jungle tour. I saw all kinds of wildlife. There were crocodiles, iguanas, cormorants and fish! Some of the crocodiles were really big. At the end of the tour we had lunch and got to go swimming in the clearest, freshwater river I've ever seen.