Adventure Bear Log - The Story
Hello, my name is Adventure Bear, and this is my journal.
I always loved traveling and now I'm going for the BIG one. As anyone can tell you I loved my adventures with Mrs. Herrera and her classes. I remember all those little trips to just about every where, but this one will take me farther....around the world!

At the end of last year, 2006, I was begining to consider retirement. Then Mrs. Herrera mentioned that an old student of hers was going to sail around the world. It was perfect. What better way to spend my retirement than to go on a cruise around the world? I met with the student, Claire, and asked if I could come. She said yes and I was overjoyed. Claire and I talked for a while and I found out that when she was in kindergarden she had Mrs. Herrera as her teacher. That year Mrs. Herrera decided to start the Adventure Bear thing. She explained to the students that the bear would be traveling home with them and keeping a log. She asked the students to name the bear. Many of the students wanted to name the bear Minnie Mouse, but Claire said that the bear should be named Adventure Bear. The name stuck.

Although I am not the original Adventure Bear I do have the same name. I am very excited and I cannot wait to begin my retirement cruise. There is a whole world out there just waiting for me. Well that is my story so far, check out my other pages to see what I am doing now.