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 ABear and Dudu-thumb..>2008-06-09 03:31 44K 
 ABear and Natalie-th..>2008-06-09 03:31 45K 
 ABear and dorado-thu..>2008-06-09 03:31 52K 
 ABear and plinth, Eg..>2008-06-09 03:31 54K 
 ABear as the oracle,..>2008-06-09 03:31 44K 
 ABear hears about pa..>2008-06-09 03:31 51K 
 ABear is a pink lio..>2008-06-09 03:31 53K 
 ABear on camel, Giza..>2008-06-09 03:31 46K 
 ABear with little sp..>2008-06-09 03:32 48K 
 ABear with snakes, E..>2008-06-09 03:32 37K 
 Abear on top of pyra..>2008-06-09 03:31 49K